Most USA carriers now route and bill using LRN data. The Location Routing Number (LRN) is a ten-digit number allocated in the NANP just like a telephone number. An LRN is assigned to each ported telephone number and is used to route calls through the PSTN to the switch serving the ported number.

If you are not using Summit System’s LRN Dipping Service, you are likely paying 25 – 35% more than necessary for your voice traffic, experiencing more incomplete calls than necessary, and having difficulty reconciling invoices from your vendors. Using our Location Routing Number (LRN) dipping service, you can efficiently complete calls to the correct operator while avoiding dropped or incorrect calls and unnecessary and expensive default dips charged from a local exchange carrier (LEC) – all while minimizing capital investments and operational expenses. It is in every VoIP providers interest to make sure they have access to an LRN (Local Routing Number) dipping service.

Benefits of LRN  Service:
  • Higher ratio of completed calls
  • TRUE LCR  (25 – 35% savings)
  • Predictability of vendors true charges
  • More accurate billing to customers
  • Proper IntER vs IntRA state billing
  • Rapid deployment
  • No Capital Expenditures for equipment
  • No long term contract (month to month)
Who Should Use Our LRN Service?
  • Call Centers
  • VoIP Termination Carriers
  • Users of Least Cost Routing Engines
  • Enterprise Companies with large call volume
  • Manufacturers of Least Cost Routing Engines
  • Large users of open source PBX (Asterisk)
Enhance Your LRN:
  • Basic LRN – Know more details on the call being placed
  • Basic LRN Plus – will display possible carrier type (landline, cell, VoIP, non-carrier)
  • LRN Enhanced Services – will display possible carrier type (as above),”TN” in DB, Entry Date/Time, Carrier Name

Option 1 - LRN Daily Delta Files

  • Daily delta downloads
  • Unlimited dips to your own database

Option 2 - LRN Dipping  (LIGHT)

  • 2.5M dips per week
  • Additional dips billed at $0.00002/dip

Option 3 - LRN Dipping (heavy)

  • 25M dips per week
  • Additional dips billed at $0.000005/dip

Option 4 - LRN Dipping (enhanced)

  • 2.5M dips per week
  • Additional dips billed at $0.00005/dip